Cynthia Camlin's work in painting and drawing explores environmental and geological change through abstracted forms. Several series of work react to ice sheet collapse and glacial melt with complex structures that could also suggest architecture and mathematical pattern. 

Work for solo exhibitions at Punch Gallery in Seattle, "Waterland" (2015), "Divided Earth" (2014), and "Cracked Prospects" (2013), depict a marine glacier that is dividing and cracking. This work was featured in New American Painting in 2013 and the New American Painting Blog in 2014.

Camlin is a professor of painting and drawing at Western Washington University. In group exhibitions and educational programs Camlin has joined with artists and curators interested in the ecologies that make our cultural lives possible. Her courses expand the normal pedagogy of painting/drawing to include an interdisciplinary “Art and Ecology” course and "Figure and Symbol," an international course that approaches art-making from an anthropological and global perspective.

Contact: cynthiacamlin@gmail.com